MVI employs engineers and lineman who are trained and experienced in the design and installation of substations. The tools that are used to assist in the design process are PLS-CADD, ETAP and AutoCAD. As always, safety is a prime concern. The design will always take into account grounding and over-current protection to assure the substation is safe and reliable. The final product will be thoroughly tested and well documented. Typical methods of construction will utilize wood structure or steel designs. For specialized applications, MVI can integrate metal clad switch gear into the overall design. High quality concrete work is a little thought of feature of a substation. We will assure all concrete structures are designed for the application and well-constructed. In addition, grounding is a key component that will always receive special emphasis. If required, our engineers can assist in upgrades where additional capacity is needed, or where obsolete equipment needs to be removed and replaced.

Services Include:

  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Upgrade
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