Through our five-step process, MVI will evaluate your needs to tailor the most efficient system for your application.


For existing systems, upgrades can be planned during routine maintenance shut-downs, or at a time that interferes least with the current production schedule.


It is commonplace when performing retrofits that an upgrade to new technology is needed. MVI stays current with the state of the art to upgrade your system to best avoid obsolescence.


In the 21st Century, is it rare for a machine or process to stand alone. Typically, all links in the chain are tightly coupled by secure, reliable and high speed communication. There are different techniques for implementing a communication system. The chosen technique is often dependent on the specific needs and constraints set forth by the Owner / Client. The techniques can include traditional copper conductor communication. Modern communication systems however, are based on fiber optic and wireless communication techniques. The experts at MVI can assist you in selecting the communication system best suited for your application.

Media and Protocol:

  • Cellular Wireless Data
  • ControlNet
  • Copper Conductor
  • Data Highway Plus
  • Ethernet TCP / IP
  • Ethernet Unlicensed Wirelesss
  • Fiber Optic
  • Licensed Wireless
  • RS 232
  • RS 422 / 485
  • UDP
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