We were approached by one of our customers to assist them with upgrading one of their underground fiber optic networking hubs. Communications in the mine environment is critical, especially when monitoring of fans, pumps, belts, and diesel systems require constant uptime; if any of these go down, even for a short time, workers sometimes have to be evacuated, leading to costly production down time. We approached this project with the following goals:

  • Clean up the customer’s existing installation and migrate it to a new, larger enclosure
  • Create an environment that will be easier for someone not intimately familiar with the system to perform troubleshooting duties
  • Allow for future growth of their fiber optic network to be terminated and patched in the enclosure

After finalizing the installation, our customer was very satisfied. We were able to work closely with them to achieve their objective of a well organized, expansion-ready fiber optic hub.


UG-Fiber-Enclosure-Transfer-5 UG-Fiber-Enclosure-Exterior-4 UG-Fiber-Enclosure-Interior-2 UG-Fiber-Enclosure-Incoming-fiber-3 UG-Fiber-Enclosure-Interior-1