If properly lubricated, anti-friction bearings can last a very long time. However, as the size and number of bearings on a piece of equipment increases, proper bearing lubrication can be a very labor-intensive job.

Working with our customer, MVI has developed a PLC-controlled automatic greaser panel (AGP) that will dispense the proper amount of grease to each bearing, regardless of its size from a central location.
All that is needed is a supply of grease, a grease pump, and a single phase 120 VAC supply.

The PLC can be programmed as to how often each bearing is lubricated and how much grease is pumped into that bearing. In that way each bearing, regardless of its size, will be properly lubricated. In addition, there is no wasted lubricant and no greasy rags to dispose of.

With the AGP each bearing, regardless of its location, can be safely lubricated while the equipment is in operation. Lubricating a rotating bearing allows the lubricant to be distributed evenly throughout the bearing. Properly lubricated bearings extend component life, resulting in fewer breakdowns, which in turn results in reduced replacement and maintenance costs.

This system is available in a wall-mounted NEMA12 enclosure and can accommodate up to 20 grease ports. Other configurations are available upon request. Our AGP is also approved for underground use in the State of Pennsylvania.