At one time, if an industrial control panel was installed at a job site, all that mattered was that it worked properly. Today, in addition to working properly, more and more industrial applications require a UL label on their industrial control panels. To meet this ever-growing need, Mon Valley Integration (MVI) became a certified UL 508A Panel Shop.

Even if not required by the governing agencies, there are advantages to having UL listed control panels at your facility. Seeing this label on a control panel assures the customer and other interested parties that the components used in the control panel have been selected, installed, assembled and documented to a higher standard. All UL panels specify a short circuit current rating (SCCR) to assure that the control panel is compatible with your existing equipment and that employee safety and facility safety have not been compromised.

MVI has built, installed, commissioned and tested a set of UL certified control panels for an underground coal mine operating in southwestern PA. Going through the UL certification process has made us a better control panel shop, as many of the UL requirements are included in every product that is assembled at MVI.

Whether your need would be for one or multiple control panels built to UL standards and bearing a UL label, that is not a problem here at MVI.